Outdoor kitchens


Outdoor kitchens


Heart of Texas Landscape and Irrigation knows that when it comes to entertaining your kitchen is the number one spot. Unless, you have an outdoor kitchen. And in that case, your outdoor kitchen becomes the place where all your family and friends will want to hang out. Heart of Texas Landscape and Irrigation can help you to create that perfect outdoor space that is just right for you, your life style and your family. We love creating outdoor spaces that will be enjoyed by many people. The right outdoor kitchen can certainly provide a feeling of comfort and accomplishment.


Outdoor kitchens are by far the most sought after yard features and provide hours of family enjoyment. We have had clients tell us that they spend just as much time in their outdoor kitchen as their indoor kitchen. Like indoor kitchens, there are literally hundreds of options available, from many styles of appliances to weather proof cabinets. Heart of Texas Landscape has completed hundreds of outdoor kitchens. Contact us today for a free no obligation quote.

Your outdoor kitchen can and will say a lot about you and your life style. When considering an outdoor kitchen there are many features and styles to choose from. Here are some of those considerations:


Not only considering the location of your outdoor kitchen in your yard, but also considering your location. Your home, where is it located. What type of weather do you have in your region? In fact weather is the most important consideration. The type of weather in your area will determine how you set up your dream outdoor kitchen.


How much space will your outdoor kitchen occupy? Will there still be sufficient yard remaining? The size of your yard is an important consideration when choosing the outdoor kitchen that is right for you.


What kind of materials will you use to create your dream outdoor kitchen? There are so many different materials to choose from. You want to make sure that you consider the materials that look the best against your home and other landscape. Heart of Texas Landscape and Irrigation has completed many many outdoor kitchens and our experience can help you to choose the building materials that will best suit your needs.



When considering the amenities that are right for you, consider your current cooking habits and design your kitchen to accommodate your specific cooking style. Do you cook with a lot of vegetables if so consider more counter top space. Do you want to keep your drinks cold, well maybe a small fridge is in your plans. Whatever the case may be, take time to hire people who have a record of creating beautiful outdoor spaces.